Registration:  $425 per couple 

This  includes two participant workbooks, one copy of this best selling book, refreshments and lots of fun learning!

Upcoming Dates:  

Third Quarter 2019

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This workshop is

GREAT for:

  • Couples in a serious relationship
  • Committed, pre-marital, engaged or married couples
  • Newlyweds to couples married for decades

This workshop is NOT GREAT for:

  • Couples with significant emotional or physical abuse
  • Compulsive behaviors such as gambling or sexually acting out
  • Severe relationship distress

Frequently Asked Questions...

Based on 45+ years of research that proved what makes relationships successful, Dr. John Gottman wrote "Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work."  This workshop was born from this New York Times bestseller and provides couples powerful guidance that can strengthen foundational friendships, increase connection, improve communication and ability to manage conflict as well as honor one another's dreams.

“Friendship fuels the flames of romance because it offers the best protection against feeling adversarial toward your spouse.” 


Feeling stuck or frustrated in your relationship or marriage?  Tired of having that same argument over and over but never getting anywhere with your partner?  Maybe it's time to enrich your friendship and connection with your partner and improve communications?

1.  Will we have to share personal problems with the class? NO.  Any couples exercises will be done privately and not in front of the class. 

2.  Do both partners have to come?  YES.  Since the class involves practicing exercises together, both partners must enroll and attend.  

3.  Can we still attend the workshop if we have not read the book?  YES.  The workshop will summarize the content of the book and registration includes one copy of the book PLUS a workbook for each partner so exercises can be practiced at home.

4.  Should we do the exercises in the book before attending the workshop?  NO.   We will many exercises in class and I will role play for you how to do AND NOT​ to do the exercises.​​

Michelle Hardman MBA, MEd, NCC, LCMHC