Have these thoughts been plaguing you? 

  • "I need more clients!"
  • "I hate numbers and business stuff!  I just want to be able to help people."
  • "I really need to make more money!"
  • "I don't know how to 'sell' myself."
  • "What the heck is a business plan and why on Earth would I spend my time doing that when I need more referrals?"

If you wrestle with these thoughts then we need to talk!   Having a full and healthy private practice is about more than just the people we work with.  If we are stressed out, worried or preoccupied about our business,  that negative energy and fear will certainly impact us when we are working clinically. We need to be confident not only in our clinical skills but also our business skills in order to have a truly vibrant and thriving private practice!

When I began my private practice, I had no idea how much my 15+ years in corporate human resources management combined with my MBA would help me!  It quickly became evident that this expertise fused with my entrepreneurial mind-set would position me to be uniquely helpful to clinicians who may not see themselves as business owners. 

Increasingly, clinicians began asking me questions about the business side of owning/managing a private practice.  When the divide between our clinical work and our business work became glaringly clear to me, I decided to offer coaching as part of my services.  Let me help you bridge the gap between your clinical and "not-so-clinical" side of the private practice life!

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"may your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears."

~ Elizabeth gilbert 

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